Celebs Inspired Hairstyles For Party Season- Celebs Best Looks

Celebs Inspired Hairstyles For Party Season- Celebs Best Looks

Which is the one attribute that can make your beauty even worse? You may not have noticed it, but this quality is definitely in your hair. Although the skin should be healthy, if there is any problem, it can be corrected immediately with the help of make-up, but you cannot do anything like this with hair and that is why you can lose some beauty points.

The way your dress looks on your body, the way hair makes your face look great, so you cannot let it go awry at all. This is the reason that apart from strengthening your hair, the time has come to styling them in the best way. You will also be a little surprised that it can be so easy to do. To help you in this, we have brought celebs inspired hairstyles here, which you can try by looking at them.

Isha Gupta’s Pearl Clip Hairstyle

Isha Gupta's Pearl Clip Hairstyle

This hairstyle is a favorite of movie stars! It can be prepared very easily. You just take the cutest hair accessories that you can find in the market, which has also been in great trend in the year 2020. After this, prepare a salon-perfect blowout from your hair and center it. Put these beautiful clips on both sides.


Become Ananya Pandey’s Space Hair

Become Ananya Pandey's Space Hair


If you like quirky things, then think about this hairdo. As you can see, it is a very playful style to flaunt and what could be better is that you can make it even with no hair and no one will know! Use dry shampoo to give freshness and volume to the hair roots. Then part your hair in the middle and tie high ponytail on both sides. Wrap the hanging hair well around the band and secure it with bobby pins. For theatricality, do not forget to pull out some hair from the front.


Disha Patani’s Curly Wave Lock

Disha Patani's Curly Wave Lock

Whether your hair is curly, wavy, or freeze, this hairstyle will be perfect for you. You will not have to use a lot of hair spray to maintain the texture of your hair like straight hair ladies. For naturally curly hair, shampoo your hair regularly, apply heat-protection cream, and blow-dry with a diffuser. Even if your hair is wavy, follow the same procedure and make curls with tongs where you need curls and complete this hairstyle with texturing hair spray.


Diana Penty’s sleek side-swept lock,

Diana Penty's sleek side-swept lock,

which has straightened hair, must try this look. All you have to do is use dry shampoo to give volume to the roots and prepare deep side parting. After that put your hair behind the ears on both sides. You can also try a retro cushioned black hairband to give this hairstyle another height.



Sarah Ali Khan’s Half Up Style

Sarah Ali Khan's Half Up Style

If you are very fond of boho style, try this half-up hairstyle. To make it, divide your hair in the middle. Now take a little hair on one side and make a thin braid from it and pinup it on the backside. On the other hand, peak it in the same way. Tongue the remaining hair and brush it for great waves.

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