Dark Desire Season 2 Starcast, Release Date, Plot, Full Cast & Crew – Innocin

 Dark Desire Season 2 Starcast , Release Date, Plot, Full Cast & Crew – Innocin

Season one of Dark Desire has been one of the most intriguing ones, And the show has retained lovers books directly from the start season one instead ended on a stunning front that gives fans the belief that the show will be back for 2.

Released in July 2020, the Mexican drama show by Letical Lopez Margalli remained among the top most popular series on Netflix, leaving viewers hot and bothered, yet ready for chapter two. Since season one ended on a dramatic cliffhanger, fans are hoping for a comeback with answers to their questions.

 Here’s everything you need to know about Season 2 of Dark Desire And which cast members may be returning, thus let us get into all of the details we have about Season 2 of Dark Desire.

Dark Desire Season 2 Starcast, Release Date, Plot, Full Cast & Crew

The First only landed on the platform on Wednesday 15 July, so it could be early to tell whether Alma and her sexual adventure antics will be back for series two.

Dark Desire Season 2: It is a series of Mexican web television thriller drama Produced for Netflix by Argos Comunicacion. The series stars Maite Perroni, Jorge Poza, Regina Pavon, Alejandro SpeitZer, And Erik Hauser, The production start was confirmed 6 May 2019,& it was premiered on July 15, 2020. Because of its great success, the series was renewed for the second season on August 19, 2020.  Dark Desire season 1 was also announced as the most-watched non-English title with 35 million viewers in 28 Days,  Now the Season 2 will come Soon.

Dark Desire Season 2: Starcast, Release Date, Plot


Dark Desire Season 2 Release Date!  Released on Netflix?

Release Date for Dark Desire Season 2, It is Unknown whether Dark Desire will Definitely be back for a second season, but if so we are unlikely to see it for a while due to the coronavirus pandemic.

 Production on Dark Desire’s first season started in May 2019,  with the series debuting in July 2020, so if the same timescale were to be applied to the season 2 best-case scenario, Dark Desire Season 2 could be on Netflix in the next year 2021, but this is if production were to begin by the End of 2020.


At that time Wheather Dark Desire will be back for a second season is unknown but is so, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are unlikely to see it for some time.

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Dark Desire Season 2 Cast ( Starcast)! What’s the full Cast And Crew?

 Dark Desire comes back for the season 2 , Maite Perroni will almost certainly return to play Alma Solers, as will Alejandro SpeitZer (Dario Guerra), Erik Hyser ( Esteban), and Regina Pavon ( Alma’s Daughter Zoe).

Now that Alma And Leonardo have separated, we can’t say for sure whether Jorge Poza will come back to replay his role as the adulterous Ex-husband of Alma, but if season 2 is as drama-filled as the last, he’s bound to be involved in the mess anyway.

It’s unlikely  Maria Fernanda Yepes will return For season 2 as her character Brenda  Died In Season 1.

Dark Desire Season 2: Starcast, Release Date, Plot, Full Cast & Crew - Innocin.


Dark Desire Season 2 Cast List?

 Here is a list of cast members we all find in Dark Desire Season 2 below the list Read here:- 
  • Maite Perroni As Alma
  • Regina Pavon As Zoe
  • Alejandro SpeitZer as Dario
  • Erik Hayser as Esteban
  • Maria Fernanda Yepes
  • Jorge Poza as Leonardo
  • Paulina Matos
  • Letical Huijara
  • Eligio Melendez
  • Carmen Beato
  • Esteban Soberanes
  • Carlos Eduardo Torres Anaya.

Dark Desire Season 2 Plot! What’s the Know more About New season

At the end of the first season, we found the death of Brenda was suicide since she was unable to continue an affair with the husband of her best friend while the man  she loved Esteban was with his sister in law Alma,  we may learn more about the wake of Brenda’s Suicide within the next show, especially as Alma will feel her loss greatly.

We also watched Alma eventually Separate by the close of the season in her husband  Leonardo, meaning that the legal professional is formally single. Could Dario whose former fire we know is still living, reappear in her life.

Dark Desire Season 2 Plot

On the topic of Dario, after filming the murder of Jose Luis Valdez, the end of the series he saw him and his partner in crime Esteban on run. What is Dario likely to do with is life now that he has inherited a fortune from his grandfather?  I am sure we will figure out in Dar Desire Season 2. 


Dark Desire Season 2 Trailer Release Date! Is there any Trailer

Based on fans’ reaction on social media, the newly formed Dark Desire hive is activated is ready for Season 2, Yet there is no Trailer come,  plZ touch within us we are going to be in a regular update .



No official trailer of Dark Desire season 2 has been released by the makers until now. It is expected that the treasure shall drop  next year, a month before the release date of the new season. We hope to get further updates soon and until then stay tuned.

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