Destiny 2 Beyond Light Review | | Quality Review

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Review | | Quality Review

With Beyond Light, Destiny 2 can still get cyclical and repetitious, but its new abilities and improved storytelling make it feel much more alive.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Review.

In many ways, Beyond light is a classic destiny expansion. There’s a new destination to explore,a new campaign to complete, and a new raid to overcome. There’s also a new elemental damage type, stasis, which is a big deal, but not so much that it feels like you’re playing a radically different game. The music when you launch, the game has changed. Some of the menus look different. All in all, it’s a bunch more Destiny 2.


But as traditional as Beyond light itself may be, it arrives alongside a more dramatic shift in how Destiny 2 works. Two new schemes_gear the sun setting and the Destiny content vault_work to depreciate much of what came before. The former gives all legendary weapons a power cap, ensuring they can only be infused for a year after their release. The latter removes a number of older destinations, along with their associated activities, raids, and quests, in an effort to reduce the game’s size and make new content easier to test and implement.


Destiny 2 Beyond Light Review

Stasis is the real star of beyond light, offering a new brand of abilities that require a big rethink of combat strategies. The power of stasis debuff enemies, doing things like slowing them, freezing them solid, or walling them off behind giant ice crystals. Where most abilities and supers in Destiny 2 are dedicated either to doing direct damage to enemies or providing healing to teammates, stasis adds capabilities for controlling the battlefield, changing the landscape, and altering the odds.


Europa itself is a well-crafted frosty wasteland filled with darkness_wielding fallen and milk-filled vex that gives you plenty to grind for, but it offers few surprises. The most unique thing about Europa is the weather effects, which will regularly whip up a snowstorm that whistles in your ears and obscures your vision. During the campaign these snowstorms are really cool, immersive events that make you feel like you are fighting against the moon itself as such as you are Aramis’ Armies. But once the campaign ends and you’re running around Jupiter’s moon doing public events and patrol missions that you’ve already done a thousand times, the frequent whiteouts can get old pretty fast – I’m just trying to collect flecks of dark, my dude.


Aside from the weather, there isn’t a whole lot about Europa that we haven’t seen elsewhere. You’ll do some public events, including plenty you’ve has already done on other planets, find a few lost sectors to loot(ones that are among my favorites yet, even if they’re largely brief distractions), and run around completing patrols and looting chests until your thumbs bleed. There are a few new enemy types that mix up the destiny sandbox ever so slightly, but nothing as major as a new faction being added like in the Taken king or Forsaken. There’s also a neat new strike called “The Glassware”, which pits you against some more nasty robots and their inappropriate time travel shenanigans. All told, Europa is a nice addition to Destiny’s ecosystem of explorable locales, but very much par for the course with others we’ve seen. Related: Destiny 2 Beyond Light Overview: ow that’s more like it.




To end on a more positive note, the streamlining of Destiny’s PvPve mode, Gambit, is a big success, and I’m a huge fan of the UI and graphical redesigns. A subtle but effective retouch has been applied to graphics across the board as if someone has turned the saturation and the contrast up, creating richer but starker colors. The dark theme in the menus makes everything pop and triumphs have been sensibly and tidily reorganized.



Though its impact on the game has been disruptive in places, Beyond light is clearly in the upper tier of Destiny expansions. I’ve been enjoying it, but after a long stretch of intense play starting back in June, I’m ready for a bit of a break from Destiny. For Bungie’s sake, I hope not too many others feel similarly. After vaulting, the sun setting, and the delay to Beyond Light, it’s more important than usual that Destiny keeps up its momentum.

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