Famous Actors| The Top 12 Lowest Paid Actors In Hollywood Movies

Famous Actors| But Lowest Paid Actors In Hollywood Movies, In movies of Hollywood can sometimes be a Walking Contradiction. While it’s very common knowledge that some Hollywood actors are very extremely overpaid for their work, They are happy to have a role to pay for the exposure to the public. Some of the Hollywood bigger Actors and Actress who have started in major roles in high grossing blockbuster have been shocking lowest paid for their roles. Not every actor can be the Highest paid.

Pattinson could also have one of those described as underpaid because he takes one more Indie passion project that has a very Smaller budget. Hint: its much less then you think.

So Below here are the Famous Actors| who’s are, The Top 12 Lowest Paid Actors In Hollywood Movies. Look at Lowest paid Star Of Hollywood.

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1/12 ⇒Elsa Frozen

Lowest Paid Actors In Hollywood Movies

Elsa Frozen is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios. The 15 years old who voiced teenage Elsa in the movie only Pocketed only $926 for one day of shooting. The money scales Seems extremely lopsided considering the Movie.

The movie grossed $1.2 billion all around the worldwide, Nope Elsa only earned $10000, Elsa Frozen is one of in the list of Lowest Paid Actors In Hollywood Movies.

2/12 ⇒Daniel Radcliff

Lowest Paid Actors In Hollywood Movies

Daniel Radcliff is a Hollywood actor and producer. He is best known for the playing role Of Harry Potter in the Harry Potter film series, Daniel hit the lottery when he was cast for the film series of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s in the year 2008, Even though winning the actual lottery might have netted him more hen the $250000 Salary.

Daniel Radcliff has a net worth of Over $80 Million without yet reaching in mid 20′ But his Harry Potter film series has grossed 7.7 Billion all around the world.


3/12 ⇒Jennifer Lawrence

Lowest Paid Actors In Hollywood Movies

Jennifer Lawrence is an English Hollywood America actress, Jennifer Lawrence appeared in the Time’s 100 most influential people in the world in the list of 2013. At first glance, 7% of the profit earned from American Hustle over $251 million seems like a sizeable paycheck. While she and another female actress score just 7% of the total profits,

Co-stars like Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale received 9%, The numbers are even lower for minority women according to Forbes Jennifer Lawrence some times is in the list of Lowest Paid Actors In Hollywood Movies.


4/12 ⇒Robert Downey Jr

Lowest Paid Actors In Hollywood Movies

Robert Downey Jr is an American Actor, Siger, and Producer. In the year 2018, Robert Downey was named by Time Magazine among the 100 most influential people in the world. Due to some personal problems, Robert Downey regained his sobriety and made the long track back to stardom by taking smaller paydays in films as a little 100$ per day.

Now Robert Downey Jr comes back and makes Iron man the Avengers sequels for 500000000$ a pop for the foreseeable future, now Robert Downey Jr most famous actor in the world.


5/12 ⇒Gwyneth Paltrow

Lowest Paid Actors In Hollywood Movies

Gwyneth Paltrow is a Hollywood actress, Singer, Author, Producer, And Business Women, Gwyneth is the twelfth highest-paid actress in 2015, Making a cool $9 million according to Forbes. However, she famously called the wage gap in Hollywood in Interviews in last year. Currently alongside the Iron Man Robert Downey Jr highest-paid actor in the world. 

She did recognize in the interview that no one is worth the worth money but the gap between their salaries for the franchise a surprising disparity. Gwyneth Paltrow also comes in unpaid actresses in Hollywood.


6/12 ⇒James McAvoy

Lowest Paid Actors In Hollywood Movies

James McAvoy is a Hollywood Scottish actor, In 2003 James McAvoy appeared in the lead role in Bollywood Queen. McAvoy the Scottish actor states that are humble background has helped him keep a level head even when starring the opposite. James McAvoy has a Background on the stage he avoids becoming overpaid by taking lesser-known roles in small budget production.

Either as an actor he investment in his hobbies and invest business on them as the actor has amassed a net worth of over 275$ million. Also, James McAvoy comes in the list of Lowest Paid Actors In Hollywood Movies sometimes.


7/12 ⇒Gal Gadot

Lowest Paid Actors In Hollywood Movies

Gal Gadot is a Hollywood Israeli Actress, Model, and Producer, At the age of 18, She was crowned Miss Israeli in 2004. Fans were shocked when reports broke that Gal Gadot Earned only $300000 for her lead role in the superhero smash, Wonder women. Gal Gadot also said she earned the same for her role in Batman VS superman.

In the worldwide profits, Gal Gadot is likely getting a significant raise for the Sequel. Recently for Film, the Wonder women were paid $300000.


8/12 ⇒Ryan Gosling

Lowest Paid Actors In Hollywood Movies


Ryan Thomas Gosling is an English Canadian actor and musician, he is a great actor after the success of the Notebook 2014, which earned Gosling a lot of money, the actor suddenly agreed to star in the low-budget drama Half Nelson for some 10000$ a weak.

Not for nothing as it turned out, Ryan Thomas Gosling for the role of the teacher in the film, Ryan Thomas Gosling received his first Oscar nomination. Ryan Thomas is one of those who are paid very little amount for his work sometimes, So he is one of the lists of Lowest Paid Actors In Hollywood Movies.


9/12 ⇒Amber Heard

Lowest Paid Actors In Hollywood Movies


Amber Laura Heard is an English American Actress and Model, Her first leading role was in the Horror All the Boys love Mandy lane in 2006. One thing that actresses have to do to bring profitability to their movies in work to build their brand for beauty Amber Laura Heard dAting one of the biggest Hollywood stars in the world.

Amber Laura Heard is set to star in a Thriller due in late 2013 titled Paranoia that also features Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman. Amber Laura Heard is one of Beautifull actress in Hollywood.


10/12 ⇒Tom Cruise

Lowest Paid Actors In Hollywood Movies

Tom Cruise Mapother is an American actor and producer for his work he was including for three Golden Global awards and three nominations for the academy awards. Tom Cruise $100000 is a Sallery that can hardly be called impressive for an actor who has already received tens of millions of dollars for works in films.

However, Tom Cruise Mapother was so impressed by the script of Magnolia, that he didn’t care about the money and he accepted the offer of director paul. Tom Cruise Mapother received a Golden Globe for his role in the movie Magnolia.


11/12 ⇒Melissa McCarthy

Lowest Paid Actors In Hollywood Movies

Melissa McCarthy is an American actress, writer comedian, producer, and fashion designer in the movies she typecast in similar roles. She is one of the most versatile stylish actresses in Hollywood. Melissa McCarthy’s characters always seem tO Convey a sentiment of sweetness roles in the movies.

Melissa McCarthy’s sallery is rising but she is still considered a bargain because of the lack of big-name comedic actress in Hollywood. Melissa McCarthy earns $6 million Doller per year on her surprising hit Mike and Molly which draws in  10 million viewers per day. Melissa McCarthy is one of the cutest actresses in Hollywood.


12/12 ⇒Johnny Depp

Lowest Paid Actors In Hollywood Movies

Johnny Depp is an American actor, producer musician, and writer, Johnny Depp has been nominated for ten global golden awards. It can sometimes be hard to justify an actor making 20, 30, 40, million dollars or more for a few weeks of work but the person has to remember these greats have certain skills that the average person doesn’t. Character actor plays captain jack sparrow and Johnny Depp earns the money that he makes on a film.

Deep to a movie usually guarantees at least $100 Million at the box office. Paying deep $10000000 to appear in the first Pirates of the Caribbean seems like a steal on a movie that made over $300000000 Just in the U.S.A.


Lowest Paid Actors In Hollywood Movies, all these are the lowest unpaid actors and actresses in Hollywood, some times they are paid very little for their roles in their movies. Some actors do work for their favorite role and some maybe work in burden due to some personal problems. I just hope you are all like the information about The Top 12 Lowest Paid Actors In Hollywood Movies.

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