Gameplay Story | Hitman 3 Release Date  & Reviews


 Gameplay Story| Hitman 3 Release Date and Reviews 

The world of Assassination is on the brink. The dramatic conclusion to the trilogy arrives on 20 January 2021 and Hitman 3 brings new features, items, weapons, and gameplay opportunities.


Take a closer look at introducing Hitman 3, our latest trailer that showcases several locations, new and returning features, and items plus 4k gameplay that we’ve captured directly from in-engine.

As agent 47 embarks on the most important contracts of his career, you’ll be in full control of his deadly abilities, razor-sharp instincts, and an entire arsenal of weapons and tools. You’ll need them all to master the art of assassination.

Hitman 3’s Sandbox locations give you complete freedom to approach your objectives in any way you want. As well as the new multi-function Camera, you’ll also be able to interact with the game world in new ways to access new opportunities and paths through each level.


Hitman 3 has been made with replayability front and center. You simply cannot see and do everything that a mission has to offer in a single playthrough, and the Mastery tracks keep things fresh as you take new approaches, use new items and discover previously unexplored areas.

In Hitman: Contracts, gameplay takes place in a third-person perspective, as the players control Agent 47, who is sent to various locations to assassinate specific targets. A wide array of weapons can be used, from kitchen knives, assault rifles, and handguns to belt-fed machine guns.

Gameplay Story | Hitman 3 Release Date & Reviews

While stealth and subterfuge is encouraged, the game allows the player to take a more violent approach and gunfight their way to their mission goals. As players progress through the game, they can collect the various armaments found in the levels, allowing them to be used in future missions.

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Aside from the more straightforward ways of killing targets such as gunplay and strangulation, several missions allow the player more subtle ways to eliminate hits, such as judicious use of poison, or arranging “accidents” like a heat-induced heart attack inside a Sauna.


Players are rated on their performance based on several factors; key among which are the number of shots fired, non-players character (NPCs) killed (and whether they were armed adversaries or innocents), and the number of times the guards are alerted.


The lowest rank is “Mass Murderer”, which is awarded to players who kill large numbers of NPCs in the pursuit of their target and do not use stealth. The highest rank is “Silent Assassin”, which is earned when the player accomplishes their mission without being detected, and generally without killing anyone other than the intended target.



Hitman 3 launches Jan 20, 2021, and buyers of the either current-generation console version will get the upgraded PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X version free, developer IO Interactive announced Thursday.

Gameplay Story | Hitman 3 Release Date & Reviews

The game’s release date is for all six platforms: PS4, PS5, Stadia, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. The free upgrade applies to digital versions of the game bought through the PlayStation store or the Xbox  Games Store. Owners of the PS4 version will be able to download the PS5 version, while Microsoft’s Smart Delivery Program will give Xbox Customers access to both versions.


Gameplay Story| Hitman 3 |Reviews

Hitman 3 is the dramatic conclusion to the World of Assassination trilogy and takes players around the world on a globe-trotting adventure to Sprawling Sandbox locations. Agent 47 returns as a ruthless professional for the most important contracts of his entire career.

Gameplay Story | Hitman 3 Release Date & Reviews

Supported by his Agency handler, Diana Burnwood, 47 join forces with his long-lost friend Lucas Gray. Their ultimate mission is to eliminate the partners of Providence, but they are forced to adapt as their hunt intensifies. When the dust settles, 47 and the world he inhabits will never be the same again.


Every mission location in Hitman 3 is meticulously detailed and packed full of create opportunities. Players will have unrivaled freedom to complete their objectives and the game world will react to everything they do.

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