IRCTC User ID Kaise Banaye?- IRCTC User Id Banane Ka Tarika

IRCTC User ID Kaise Banaye?- IRCTC User Id Banane Ka Tarika

You must have traveled on the train, and if your answer is yes, then you must have known the railway stations very well and the atmosphere there, the railway stations are very crowded.

How to Create an IRCTC User Id or Account?

And the most crowds you find in the line of ticket counters. Today we will tell you about how to create an IRCTC ID and How to Create an IRCTC Account through this post.

It often happens to us that we are going out of some important work, so we have to take long lines to get tickets. But due to the huge crowd, we are not able to get tickets on time and due to this many times, our train misses. But now you neither need to go to the platform for hours before to get tickets nor to stand in long lines.

Now you must be thinking about how to get tickets without getting in line and going to the station. If you had thought this thing a few years ago, you might have been right, but now it is all possible.

India continues to grow in the Digital Sector day by day. Contributing to this, Indian Railways has created a website and application that will save both your time and effort. It is also known as the IRCTC account.

What is IRCTC?

Railway tickets in our country are booked by IRCTC. IRCTC provides us the facility to easily book your ticket online without standing in line and without any hassle. Many times when we go to a shop booking a ticket, it charges us extra money and our time to go to the shop is also wasted. But now we can do this work ourselves and can save both our precious time and money. With the help of this, you can also book tickets from your mobile at home.

What is the full form of IRCTC?

“Indian Railway Catering And Tourism Corporation”

To use this facility, it is necessary to have an IRCTC Account on the IRCTC website. This IRCTC Account or IRCTC User Id is a free service that does not charge any fee to create. Along with the ticket, it also provides you with information about any train status, whether the seat is vacant, and the running status of the train. All the services of IRCTC are free of cost, when you book a ticket through it, you are charged only for the ticket and you do not have to pay any other charge or tax.

How to Create an IRCTC User Id?

The details of how to create IRCTC User Id with IRCTC User Id Example to perform IRCTC New Login is shown below:

  • To create an account on IRCTC, first of all, you have to go to the IRCTC Ki Official Website. For this, you can open the official website of IRCTC WWW.IRCTC.CO.IN by going to your computer or mobile browser.
  • After the IRCTC website opens, click on the option of “Register”.

On clicking register, a page will open which will have 3 sections:

  • Basic Details
  • Personal Details
  • Residential Address

In these options, you have to fill in all your information, many people do not fill it properly because they have a problem in understanding which details have to be filled in the column. Let us tell you in detail how to fill the information in all the columns one by one.

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Basic Details

User Id

For the ID of IRCTC, first, you have to enter your User Id in this option so that you can “Log in” to your account. User Id must be between 3 and 10 characters. Apart from this, after filling in the User Id, you can see whether the User Id entered by you is available or not by clicking on “Check Availability”.


After setting the User Id, you will also have to set a new password, which you will have to enter for the security check of your account at login so that no other person will be able to use your account. The password should be at least 8 and a maximum of 15 characters. It is necessary to have at least one small and one capital alphabet as well as at least one numerical mathematical letter, such as – Innocin1234 It has all the names of small, capital, numeric digits.

Confirm Password

To enter the password of IRCTC, re-enter the same password you just entered above.

Security Question

It has many options like “What Is Your Pet Name” etc. Choose whichever of these you can remember easily, it helps you to recover your account if you forget the password.

Security Answer

After entering the Security Question, in “Security Answer”, answer your Security Question, which you have to enter at the time of security check while recovering the account.

Preferred Language

Within this, you can select any language in which you want to use this feature.

Personal Details


Write your name in “First Name”, if you write something between your name and surname in “Middle Name” then it is not filled otherwise leave it blank and write your surname in “Last Name”.


If you are male then click on “Male” and if female then click on “Female”.

Marital Status

If you are married, click on “Married” and if you are unmarried, click on “Unmarried”.

Date Of Birth

In the “Date of Birth” option, you have to enter your date of birth according to the metric’s mark-list.


Under this, whatever work you do, choose government job, private job or student etc.

Aadhaar Card No

In this option, enter the number of your Aadhaar card, if you do not have an Aadhaar card, leave this option blank.

Pan Card

If you have a PAN card number, then fill in the PAN card number in this option, otherwise leave it blank.


If you are an Indian citizen, then click on India in this option, and if you are a citizen of another country, you can search the name of that country and click on it.


After selecting the country to set IRCTC Ki Email Id, you have to enter your personal “Email Id” in this option.


After email, enter your mobile number in the option of “ISD-mobile” which will help you to get all kinds of information in the future and verification code while changing IRCTC User Id Change or IRCTC User Id.


Like the country, if you are an Indian citizen, click on “Indian” and if you are a foreign citizen, then select the nationality of your nation.


Flat / Door / Block No: – Enter your house number in it
Street / Lane: – Enter the name of the colony or road in it
Area / Locality: – In this option, enter the name of the area around you, which you also use in your postal address.
Pin Code: – In this option, enter the PIN code of your area
State: – As soon as you enter the PIN code, your state gets selected automatically and if it is not so, then you can also manually select your state from it.
City / Town: – It also comes automatically, if you do not come, then you choose the name of your district.
Post Office: – In this, there will be an option for the name of the post office of your area, select it.
Phone: – In this again you can enter your phone number or mobile number.

Captcha Code

After filling all the information well, for IRCTC User Id Verification you will see a “Captcha Code” consisting of some number and alphabet, write them in the box below.


Now click on the option of “Submit Registration Form” in the last. After clicking, a page will open in front of you, in which you click on the option of “I Agree with Terms and Condition”, after which you will see the message “Successfully”, in which it will be written that your account has been created.

Open Account

To open the account, open the email ID and click on the link given in the new email called “Ticketadmin Mail”. By clicking on this link, you will be able to access the IRCTC login in the IRCTC site and go there and enter the IRCTC User Id and Password and activate your account by logging in to “Log in”.


The CEO of IRCTC and Chairman of the Railway Board is currently Vinod Kumar Yadav. To get more information related to IRCTC, you can also take the help of IRCTC customer care number 0755 661 0661. IRCTC Complaint Number is 1800-110-139 for travel problems or any other complaint. If you liked the information on how to create IRCTC User Id, then do not forget to share it so that other people can also get information about IRCTC.



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