Journalists Glamorous| Top 12 Best Female Hottest news anchors in India 2020

Best Female Hottest news anchors in India, The world of journalism has become a very hot industry this time in the world, as also as a carrier option. A lot of new youngsters are per-cue to consider, Journalism is a permanent carrier option. Its not only because he whole world stick with the t.v  to observe the update on various news feed around the world.

But at that time there is also a huge touch of Glamour being added to spice things up. There are lots of Hottest female anchors in different countries, But this article is related to the Glamours of India. There are the great stunning beautiful anchors in the Indian Journalism. So there are some, Top 12 Best Female Hottest news anchors in India.

Who are the  Most Beautiful, Hottest news anchors in India? So have a Look

1.⇒ Sweta Singh

Sweta Singh is an Indian journalist, news presenter, news anchor, and editor of special programming at News channel Aaj Tak.

Hottest news anchors in India
Sweta Singh

Sweta Singh carrier:  She started her carrier, when she as a student of the first year at Patna University, Before she switched to electronic media, she was worked for zee news and Sahara channel. She was joining Aaj Tak in 2002. Sweta Singh has also made appearances in some films like Chak DE India, And Chakravyuh. Shweta Singh also did the show at Patliputra in 2015 in Bihar.

Go through her Twitter:  @SwetaSinghAT


2.⇒ Anjana Om Kashyap

Anjana Om Kashyap is An famous knowing Indian journalist, Anchor, News presenter, and executive editor of Hindi news channel Aaj Tak.

Hottest news anchors in India
Anjana Om Kashyap

Anjana Om Kashyap carrier:  Anjana first job was a counselor at the Daewoo motors, there she did not like the job and resigned after about a year, Then Anjana joined an NGO in the roles of a Legal Counselor, In 2000’s she joined Doordarshan and in the same year she moved on zee news, And the she joining News24 in 2007, and then she comes on star news in 2012, and in late 2012 she moved on Aaj Tak. Anjana is noted to be a strong voice in India. Anjana Om Kashyap is one of the hottest news anchors in India.

Go through her Twitter: @anjanaomkashyap


3.⇒ Faye D’Souza

Faye D’Souza is an India knowing face as a journalist, she is a television news anchor, Faye D’Souza worked as an executive news editor of the mirror now.

Hottest news anchors in India
Faye D’Souza

Faye D’Souza carrier: She started her carrier from Journalism with All India Radio, Then Faye D’Souza worked as post Graduate journalist at CNBC t.v 18 in 2002. At later than she moved from there and moved on to reporting about mutual funds, And personal insurance. Faye D’Souza made its senior editor in 2007 on English channel Mirror Now, Faye D’Souza is also a social influence  D’Souza provides news on her social media platforms. Faye D’Souza is one of the hottest news anchors in India.

Go through her Twitter: @fayedsouza


4.⇒ Chitra Tripathi

Chitra Tripathi is an Indian Journalist producer and scriptwriter, she is Deputy Editor and Anchor at the popular news channel, Aaj Tak.

Hottest news anchors in India
Chitra Tripathi


Chitra Tripathi Carrier: She started her carrier as an Indian Army, she never thought of becoming a journalist, Chitra started her carrier in journalist with the Doordarshan center in Gorakhpur. Then she worked with ETV  and News24 Then she joined Sahara Samay then moved from there on India News. In then Chitra joined A.B.P News channel in 2016. In 2019 she resigned from A.B.P and joined the Aaj Tak channel. She is a Deputy Editor of Aaj Tak. She is one of the hottest news anchors in India.

Go through her Twitter: @chitraaum


5.⇒ Archana Vijaya

Archana Vijaya is an Indian journalist, News Anchor, and author of Aaj Tak, she is also a Model, T.V and sports anchor of news channel Aaj Tak.

Hottest news anchors in India
Archana Vijaya

Archana Vijaya Carrier: She has started her carrier with the first job approached for Zee News back in 2003. It was very clearly a decision that worked very well in her favor. She has gone on to make quite a name of herself in the news industry in the world and Indian T.v. Archana Vijaya Specially anchoring for Sports. In fact Archana reporting of male Gang rape stories around the world. Archana Vijaya is one of the hottest news anchors in India.

Go through her Twitter:  @archanavijaya


6.⇒ Harishree Mehta

Harishree Mehta is an Indian famous anchor and journalist, Harishree did anchoring of Business and the stock market in the stock business Department.

Hottest news anchors in India
Harishree Mehta

Harishree Mehta carrier: Harishree Mehta is well educated she started her carrier as a charted accountant from Delhi university but Harishree Mehta interested in journalism. She was starting to work with CNBC- TV18 Channel. later she moved on times now channel on their business and stock department.  Harishree Mehta was one of the Top Ancho’s of CNBC- TV18 she was dressed well with her brown hair. Harishree Mehta is one of the hottest news anchors in India.

Go through her Twitter:  @harishree_mehta


7.⇒ Mayanti Langer

Mayanti Langer is an Indian Journalist with star and generally work for the star sports network. Her interest in football grew when she was in the U.S.A.

Hottest news anchors in India
Mayanti Langer

Mayanti Langer carrier: She started her carrier when she was in college in her college football team and become a guest anchor for a broadcast of Fife beach football. Mayanti Langer works for various football shows On the Zee network providing commentary and interviews during matches. Mayanti Langer also hosted the 2018 world cup and 2011 cricket world-cup held in India.

Go through her Twitter:  @MayantiLanger_B


8.⇒ Preeti Choudhry

Preeti Z Choudhry is an Indian journalist and famous anchor, Preeti is knowing for the host of India today channel debate.

Hottest news anchors in India
Preeti z Choudhry

Preeti Choudhry carrier: Preeti Choudhry in 2014 won a Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism award for her investigative reporting into Punjab’s Drug problem. In 2012 she won a television academy award for best news documentary. In 2019 she has been shortlisted for the best anchor in the English category in the ENBA awards Preeti Z Choudhry is one of Hottest news anchors in India.

Go through her Twitter:  @PreetiChoudhry


9.⇒ Mini Menon

Mini Menon is an Indian Journalist And Author, Mini  is the co-founder and editor at Living History India. Mini Menon was formally the executive editor for India and its history.

Hottest news anchors in India
Mini Menon

Mini Menon Carrier: She is co-founder and editor of live history India, Mini melon will drive the content vision for the company.From the last 16 years, she covered both political and business news, she first starting working at TVi and then moved on to Star TV network. In 2009 she was judged for the best business anchor .and as a young achiever Miss India Asia Pacific.

Go through her Twitter:  @MiniMenon


10.⇒ Shradha Sharma

Shradha Sharma is an Indian journalist And author, Shradha is founder and CEO of Your-story, a digital media platform for startups and entrepreneurs.

Hottest news anchors in India

Shradha Sharma Carrier: Before Starting Your-story in 2008, Shradha Sharma served as an assistant vice president of  CNBC TV18, and also a brand advisor of The times of India. Her company has been described as the biggest platform for startups and businessmen.

Go through her Twitter:  @YourStoryCo


11.⇒ Shaili Chopra

Shaili Chopra is an Indian business journalist, author, and entrepreneur, Shaili Chopra is also a founder of  She The-people tv, a platform where to empower women to their stories.

Hottest news anchors in India
Shaili Chopra

Shaili Chopra carrier:  She worked with NDTV 24×7 as market and corporate affairs, and NTD profit as a senior editor for five years and with ETV now for 3 years. Shaili Chopra was named one of India’s top 50 most influential women in media marketing and advertising by Impact magazine. Shaili Chopra is one of the hottest news anchors in India.

Go through her Twitter: @shailichopra


12.⇒ Nidhi Razdan

Nidhi RaZdan is an Indian tv personality, Media journalist, She was an executive editor of NDTV and the primary anchor of NDTV News 24.

Hottest news anchors in India
Nidhi Razdan

Nidhi Razadan Carrier: She joined NDTV in 1999 and worked till June 2020 for twenty-one years, Nidhi has taken a faculty position as an Associate professor in journalism at Harvard University. she is knowing for Kashmiri pandit, she is a famous journalist In India. She is one of the beautiful journalists in the Media industry.

Go through her Twitter: @Nidhi

At The End

These all are the Smartest anchors of Indian journalism, Which one is your favorite jus see here. I hope you like the information which gives you. Related Article By recknotalk 25 Cute, Hot & Sexy Female TV News Anchors in India

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