Kaagaz Full Movie Download – 480p,| 720p  Filmzilla

Kaagaz Full Movie Download – 480p,| 720p Filmzilla

New Delhi: A paper… what will a paper be in your life? What a paper… on which there is only enough evidence to show that the person standing in front is ‘alive’. Who had to struggle for 18 years to get, ‘Bhagat Singh’ has to be made in the full assembly, then you are around the story of the paper. Yes, Pankaj Tripathi’s strong acting is the story that ‘lives up’ the soul of the system, the film ‘Paper’. If some of the editing shortcomings are removed in the film, then the paper pen appears to be moving correctly.


The story of the film is based on the biography of Lal Bihari ‘Deceased’ of Uttar Pradesh, who had to fight a long battle to prove themselves alive for 18 years. If you are a man, and if any of your belongings are stolen, then you will think whether to report to the police or not, if you get the report done if the goods are found and the culprit is also caught, then getting the goods out of the court will be a bigger task than that.

Years may pass, but seeing the character of Bharat Lal i.e. Pankaj Tripathi, you can definitely have the courage to fight, this much is certain. The name of Lal Bihari has been changed to Bharat Lal in the film. In this film released on OTT, the names and occupations of the characters have been changed. The story of the film starts from the village of Bharat Lal. Bharat is a bandwala and his shop is running properly, but as the work grows, people tell him that by taking a loan from the bank, the shop can be enlarged. His wife also inspires for this. When Bharat goes to the bank, it is learned that some goods will have to be mortgaged.

For this he goes to his ancestral village, where it is learned that his cousins ​​have grabbed his land by declaring Lekhpal as deceased. Just here, the struggle to prove the deceased alive begins. Out of the crowds gathering outside the courts, courts, government offices, ministers’ houses, some are mad, some are mad. That is the story of the paper written on it.

In this story that rips the system, there are many turns coming one after the other. Even today many people have to give proof of their being alive, many times for pension and sometimes for government facilities… You can guess the struggle of those people with this film.

Kaagaz Full Movie Download - 480p,| 720p Filmzilla

The character Of Kaagaz Movie

Bharat Lal’s character is that Puglet Bandwala, who plays such a band that everyone is left watching. Pankaj Tripathi has lived this character well. Pankaj Tripathi and Satish Kaushik have fascinated the audience like every time. The expectations of the audience are met by Pankaj. The role of Bharat Lal’s wife is played by actress Monal Gajjar in the film. Monal has done a good job.

The most powerful dialogue of the film Kaagaz


the most powerful dialogue is that there are many good dialogues in the film, but Pankaj Tripathi, in a different courtroom, asks the judge in his own unique way… “Hujur, you are talking about paper and we are human beings… You are court, you are Will you listen to paper or listen to a human? Is paper big or man is big? The heartbeats in a man’s chest, the throb in a paper chest? Blood runs in a person’s chest that in a paper chest? Mehra, are children of paper that of humans? ” Enough to shake the system.

Lack of film Some scenes may make you feel ‘filler’, forcibly filled and some scenes are cut in haste, but they can be bypassed by the end… well. The combination of lyrics in the local language in the film is the best and a piece of art. The songs threaded on the circumstances have worked to win hearts. The film begins with this poem in the voice of Salman Khan, but there is nothing but a strange thing, this paper is also float in the rains, in the winter of the paper, in the hope of the bonfire paper in the world of kite paper …


And also the end of the film with a poem… rating, 3.5 out of 5


Kaagaz Review; A Puglet Bandwala, who played the band of all, and thundered Pankaj Tripathi…

Pankaj Tripathi. In the last few years, whose popularity graph has gone upwards from a charismatic pace. So much so that people are making up their mind to watch the film only because of their presence in the film. And the film industry is cashing in on this fact.

Roles are being written keeping them in the center. More space is being given to his character. Is the new film ‘Kaagaz’ also part of this trend? And has Pankaj Tripathi been able to do justice to the newly-created reputations of carrying the film on his shoulders? Explains you in detail.

Kaagaz Review; A Puglet Bandwala, who played the band of all, and thundered Pankaj Tripathi…

# Red of India who is deceased

Let’s go straight to the story. Everyone must have come to know by watching the trailer that ‘paper’ is the story of a person who has died in government papers. Whose name is registered in the official register as deceased? This is the story of Bharat Lal Band Master. innocent man. When a rat catches it does not kill it, it leaves the river bank. Satisfied with his work and does not think it necessary to do anything else for progress.

People explain and the wife threatens to enlarge the work by taking a loan. Under pressure, Bharat finds out the procedure from the red bank. It is known that security is required for the loan. In Khalilabad, there is family land handed over to uncle, in which he also has a part.

Bharat reaches Lal to collect his papers and the secret opens that uncle and aunt and their sons have grabbed the land by hitting him in the papers. Then begins the battle to get back the land and more than that the status of being alive. How does Bharat fight this war? Does it succeed or not? To know what all is lost in this battle with the system, see ‘Paper’.

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# The Pankaj Tripathi Show

To the extent of innocence, found in any village-countryside of Rat, he has directly portrayed the character of the common man so many times, that he is afraid that he should not be imprisoned in this groove. His acting is very good.

They also speak simple dialogues, so they make it funny. Clearly word play like ‘Did not deserve to be the gatekeeper, became the accountant’ seems laughable in his mouth. Whenever they are on the screen, they keep you connected. And most of the time there are on the screen.

That is why I said in the beginning that they have not been taken in the film, a film has been made around them. He is undoubtedly able to carry weak films on the strength of his sheer talent. Despite this, the paper should be taken as a wake up call. That a charismatic actor should not become typecast. If this happens, it will be a big loss for them, their fans and Hindi cinema.


# What good, what?

Talking about the film other than Pankaj Tripathi, some things are good and some are very worn. The story of the film starts in 1977. Some nostalgia is also created in the initial scenes, then soon it becomes windy. Like Vividh Bharati’s tune or the referencing of sterilization warns you that you are watching the period immediately after the Emergency.

But people’s clothes and film sets don’t seem to match it. Then, with the inevitable item number of Sandipa Dhar, the film starts losing its grip. From the top, there has been a mistake in the case of period in some place. Like Pankaj Tripathi telling fellow bandmates that ‘Practice Bahaar Phool Barsao, Binaka music is on the top of the rosary’. This song from the 1966 film topped the Binaka Sangeetmala after 11 years, it is not possible.


However, such short mistakes are not the main concern of the film. The real tension of the film is its cleanliness. We were worried about the stereotyping of Pankaj Tripathi, how many stereotypes the film carries proudly. If you have a Muslim character, then you will have to wear a forged hat and Tahmad, from the language style of the official babu. Stereotyping of leaders, villagers, relatives.


The subject of the film is very sensitive. A man who is struggling to get his life registered. There were so many possibilities in this character. Tis reached the soul of the viewer. Makers have not been successful in this. There are only a few scenes where you feel something. For example, when for the first time Bharat gets the news of his death and he is returning home in frustration, a final journey is going on the road. Or in one scene, Bharata tells the journalist freely, ‘Print the news, not the joke’. Such scenes are very few.

Or maybe these are two where you feel the pain of the deceased Bharat Lal. Everything else has gone awry due to superficial fun. There is a fine difference between satire and comedy. ‘Paper’ weakens at the front of the satire. The sarcasm that gives the sting is absent, to strike at the flaws of the system with complete impunity. Which was easily seen in films like ‘Peepli Live’. We are not saying that ‘paper’ is a disaster film. But the strong story line on which this film was made, the rest of the film making has not been able to complement this much. The story telling of the exploits of the Indian red tape and the performance of Pankaj Tripathi can be seen to be unbelievable. Overall, paper is not such a film that you feel sorry to see, but it is not that the mind gets the satisfaction of watching a great film. History

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