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Locke And Key Season 2 Cast, Release Date, Plot, Storyline, Trailer, & Many More

What’s up everyone and welcome back to movie rates. It was bound to happen today we are going to talk about the new raving Netflix horror mystery show that receives a 7.4 rating on IMDB the show was created by Carlton Cuse Meredith Averill in a Ron Le Khalid. since it’s premiere on February 7, 2020, on Netflix and the 10 episodes of the first season were gobbled up like made by fans wanting to discover what is behind the mysterious doors of the house. oh! and did you know that the series is based on Locke and key comic book

Locke And Key Season 2 Cast, Release Date, Plot, Storyline, Trailer, & Many More

The series was filmed in Toronto Canada and the famous key house was designed specifically for the show on the grounds of Cinna space film studios not to mention the show was so popular that even Billy Eyelashes you should see me in a crown with 187 million views was featured in one of the episodes on the show.

Locke And Key Season 2 Cast, Release Date

so with season 1 out of the way we want to know what the directors are planning on doing next is, there are going to be a new season what’s going to happen with the lock family are there any new actors supposed to appear in the new season. Today I will try to answer all of those questions and Locke and key season 2 first look. let’s get started



Locke And Key Season 2 Release Date

Since the second season of the show has not been greenlit by Netflix yet. there is no firm release date. we probably would not know much more until Netflix has enough data to assess whether Locke and key have been a success, or when more progress has been made on the season 2 scripts.

while it’s likely Netflix will hold to its established pattern and release season 2 in February 2021.




Locke And Key Season 2 Cast

There is no official announcement about the cast of the show. We can expect the existing cast to return as last season ended on a cliffhanger. The star cast and characters of the series are –

  • Darby Stanchfield (Nina Locke)
  • Conner Jessup (Tyler Locke)
  • Emilia Jones (Kinsey Locke)
  • Jackson Robert Scott (Bode Locke)
  • Patrice Jones (Scot Cavendish)
  • Layla De Oliveria (Echo/ Dodge)
  • Griffin Gluck (Gabe)

Locke And Key Season 2 Cast, Release Date


Locke And Key Season 2 Plot

The story follows after the murder of Rendell Locke, his wife Nina moves from Seattle to Matheson, Massachusetts with her three children Kinsey, Tyler, and Bode. They take a residence in Rendell’s family home, key house. The children discover lots of mysterious keys in different parts of the house that can be used to unlock the doors in several magical ways.

Locke And Key Season 2 Cast



however, a devious demon is also looking for the keys for his own purposes. the creators of the series have written the plot and scripts. Although there is no news that what will exactly happen in season 2 but we can expect more drama and thrill in next season.


Locke And Key Season 2 Could Blend the Comics and original stories

Locke and key season 2 will apparently feature some original stories. but there is still plenty of material to adapt from the comics in years to come . ” there definitely are stories left in the comics that we want to hold onto, to use in future seasons.” Cuse said in that same collider interview. “so, it still remains a bit of a remix, of pulling from stories from the comic and our own original stories.”



Locke And Key Season 2 Trailer

The trailer of Locke and key season 2 is not yet released as the series’s production has not begun. Although, it is possible to see the preview for season one under. Here we have the trailer of season 1, which can help you out to understand the story on which it is based. We will update this section with the season 2 trailer when it is released.

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