PK Actor “Sai Gundewar” Go away From us,   Sai Gundewar Died  at the age of 42 after long battle from  Brain cancer

Sai Gundewar was an Indian Actor, Model Voice vocal artist and entrepreneur.His carrier was starting in T.V in 2010. By the forth season of the hit reality  T.V show MTV Splits-villa.Ad then that appearance lead to his casting in the American Hit Reality show Survivor on Star plus India in 2011

He was Doing best known movies such as Me aur Main 2013, David 2013, Bazaar 2018 AND Also Big Hit  p .K Movie.  Sai Gundewar Was also an Entrepreneur he was  a coo-founder OF FoodiZm . FoodiZm is delivered Healthy meal service in Mumbai. He is liked to be an Actorpreneur in the Industry.

Sai Gundewar Died at the age of 42 after long battle from Brain cancer

Actor Sai Gundewar Died late Tuesday to away in the county U.S. After a long Battle of Brain cancer,He was just a 42 and he was going for his treatment out of India, In the Los Angeles from the last year for his brain cancer treatment.   But last tuesady leave his life and go away from us

Maharastra Home Affairs twitted about on his Condolences Death. Sai Gundewar Died

Maharastra Home Minister Anil  Deshmukh  twitted  his condolences Actor Sai Gundewar Died.who won a millions of hearts from  his  Bollywood films.And gain a name From The  big Movie P .K Defected  his battle with Brain cancer .With his great journey in Bollywood. But today bollywood miss him.The Indian film industry lost a talented actor . A heartfelt tribute.                                                                                                                                                                   Related:-Actor Sai Gundewar dies at 42 in Los Angeles 



Sapnaaminlabel felt his Heart  ” Sai Gundewar Died “

Sai Gundewar Was in Los angles where he was getting married with sapnaaminlabel HIS Wife penned a note on social media.                                                                                                                                                                        No one agree or not but 2020 is a very bad and lust year it seems to be very bad news. The Indian entertainment already lost of lost 2 biggest celebrities in the film industry.                                                                                              This year we have realized more than ever before that life is unpredictable and change is the only constant.                 So if have already lets take this time to be grateful for what we have in our lives even the little things and less time focusing  or what we dont have                                                                                                                                           #POSITIVE THINKING



“Sai Gundewar” Personal life Untold Story

Sai Gundewar Died. Today sai Gudewar not with us. But we remeber him in our hearts.He was  great keen stunnin model actor and Entrepreneur

  • In his young age. Sai Gundewar Drinks liquor He was keen on acting And was dependably envisions to turn.
  • During his school time his interesting in acting and modeling
  • In 2000 he was finishing his graduation and he move In Austria
  • I 2002  Sai Gundewar left the activity and began filling in as a Media Sales Executive at Sen-sis in Sydney, where he laboured for a long time.

During his stay in Australia  he joined to acting studio. While IN Australia SAI Completed His  Short   FILM EVA

In 2006, he left his business work and went from Australia to Los Angeles to join the TVI Actors Studio’ to feed his acting abilities

Sai Gundewar Acted in 2012 superhit movie P.K with actor Amir Khan And Anushka Sharma. Sai Gundewar Is  author  of FoodiZm And also Co founder of FoodiZm


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