South Park Season 24 Release Date: | Cast, Plot, New Characters, Storyline & More

South Park Season 24 Release Date: | Cast, Plot, New Characters, Storyline & More

South Park is an American Iconic animated sitcom created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. This show premieres on Comedy Central. South Park is the story of four boys in Colorado town. The central line of this show is comedy centric with a slight touch of adultery.

South Park Season 24 Release Date: | Cast, Plot, New Characters, Storyline & More

The animated genre continues it’s the prime effect. With many interesting, funny, and emotional shows, this genre has become standard for excellent entertainment. Animated series have always been connected to viewers’ hearts, and if it’s the South Park series, then the connection is far more profound.

South Park Season 24 Release Date

The latest season 23 of this show has already been premiered on Comedy Central last year in September. As of now, this show has a total of 307 episodes.

South Park Season 24 Release Date: | Cast, Plot, New Characters, Storyline & MoreSouth Park Season 24 Release Date: | Cast, Plot, New Characters, Storyline & MoreSouth Park Season 24 Release Date

The first season of this show aired in 1997, and this gives us an idea about the release pattern. Every year one show. It’s a fact that the makers have renewed the show for further more season. As of now, there is no detail regarding the release date of season 24.


The production of the show might have stopped amidst the currently outraging pandemic. If we analyze the release pattern, we may expect season 24 in September 2020 but the reason for the pandemic release date is to be delayed. It’s may comes in 2021.


South Park Season 24 Cast

Most of the re-curring cast will return for the next season. Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of the show, will return to voice:

  • Stan Marsh
  • Eric Cartman
  • Mr. Mackey
  • Mr. Garrison
  • Randy Marsh
  • Clyde Donovan
  • PC Principal
  • Kyle Broflovski
  • Butters

South Park Season 24 Cast

Most of the show’s long-starring voice cast is expected to be back for the 24th season. This includes creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone who are responsible for voicing most of the male characters.

Characters like Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick will all, therefore, be returning. Mona Marshall will also be back as Sheila Broflovski and April Stewart as Sharon Marsh.


Some other characters are:

  • Scott Malkinson as Stoke
  • Mona Marshall as Shiela Broflovski
  • April Stewart as Sharon Marsh


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South Park Season 24  Plot

As we know that this animated comedy series revolves around the residents of South Park and their encounters with several things in life. It focuses on four kids Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflosvki, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick who stay in South Park.

The series had already been renewed for 26 seasons and hence the upcoming episodes of South Park season 24 are inevitable. The first episode was named the pandemic special episode. But if sources are to be believed then that particular episode was made just to portray the current pandemic situation.


Apart from that, we can also expect the upcoming episodes of South Park season 24 to have plots relevant to some common issues going on in the Us, starting from the anti-racism protests to the ongoing presidential elections.



South Park Season 24 Storyline

We can expect South Park Season 24 to have a very realistic storyline. Eric Cartman sings ecstatically about social distancing, as he can stay at home and avoid online school lessons by faking connection problems with Zoom classes. His joy turns to fury when his mother, Liane Cartman, tells him that school could soon reopen.

South Park Season 24 Cast

At Tegridy Farms, Sharon informs Randy that her brother, Jimbo Kern has COVID-19 but Randy insists Jimbo is sick because he is a ‘fat alcoholic’. Randy learns from the TV news that a bat in Wuhan, China started the pandemic, promoting a flashback to a past visit to China, in which he cavorted with Mickey Mouse, during which they both had sexual intercourse with a bat.

Realizing they are responsible for the virus, Randy then calls Mickey Mouse and wanders around South Park, guiltily observing the negative impacts of the virus.

Cartman visits Kyle Broflovski to complain about the prospect of having to return to school. The South Park Elementary school board convenes a Zoom meeting led by Mr. Mackey. The meeting quickly devolves into a shouting match of obscene insults, prompting Mr. Mackey to use a mute button. The meeting decided that South Park Elementary will reopen, however, it will be run by the now-defunct police force.



Is there a trailer for South Park Season 24?

No, there is no trailer released yet for season 24 of South Park. Viewers should expect to get their first glimpse of what will happen closer to its release date. Fans can check out the trailer for the pandemic special of South Park above. This sees the beloved characters in action as they deal with life under the virus.


How to watch South Park episodes online?

South park is relatively each to watch, depending on where you are. In the US, HBO Max has streaming rights to the show with several controversial episodes missing including new episodes, but you can also just watch them online. DVDs are also available for every season, including South Park season 23.

In the UK, the new South Park episodes are aired on Comedy Central UK, which you can watch with a Now TV subscription. Amazon Prime Video UK also has the first 22 seasons available to stream. Netflix UK has several seasons to watch in the UK, but not a complete archive.

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