Swami Ramdev Baba Patajali ayurveda launches Medicine for Coronavirus

Swami Ramdev Baba Patajali ayurveda launches Medicine for Coronavirus, Patanji ayurveda company limited MD Acharya Balkrishan had Announced on twitter that ramdev baba pantanjli has found a medicine for coronavirus.

Patanji on Tuesday launched corona recovered Ayurveda medicine of the treatment of corona-virus. The yoga guru Swami ramdev held a press conference at patanjli’s headquarters in Haridwar Uthrakhand.


Addressing the media Swami Ramdev said that medicine has been tested on 100 peoples over the past three days,out of which 70 percent of peoples are recovered  from illness.

Swami Ramdev had said that the peoples have many questions about on medicine, But patanji company has an answer of everything.

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The medicine had been launched when the coronavirus cases rise continue , In India itself the cases is on monday is over 4.25 lakh  and the total numbers of death is over 13000




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