Tally Kya Hai? Benefits of Tally and complete information related to it

Tally Kya Hai? Benefits of Tally and complete information related to it.

At present, Tally’s demand has increased in every region, if you do not know yet is Tally, Tally. Stay tuned with us to know what are the benefits of…

Tally Kya Hai? Benefits of Tally and complete information related to it.

Friends, if you do not know what Tally is, today we will tell you about Tally in this post. A tally is an Accounting Software, which is used for all the tasks related to accounting of any business, company, bank, or government office, such as keeping a record of transactions, maintaining it, securing its data. . Tally is one of the most popular accounting software.

If you want to know more about Tally, what is Tally (Tally Meaning), then you do not need to go anywhere else. We will provide you all the information about how Tally works in this post, what you can do in Tally, benefits of Tally, stay tuned with us and read this post till the end.

Tally Kya Hai? What is Tally?

Tally is a software package by which information about all transactions made by a person or company is collected and kept. Along with the amount deposited in Tally, the amount withdrawn, and the complete details of that account, the Pure Description of the accounts is also entered. The process of keeping a book of money transactions in banks or in any business is called accounting. Tally software is used in this work.

If Tally Definition is understood as a definition, then we can say that “Tally is a software package used by the user to record accounts, maintain accounts and manage them.” is.

Tally Ka Full Form Hindi Main- Full-Form Tally 

The full form of the tally is – “Transactions Allowed in a Linear Line Yards” (ट्रांसक्शन्स एलाउड इन ए लीनियर लाइन यार्ड्स).

Download Tally Prime, Tally Prime Server:


History of Tally

Accounting has been going on since the beginning, but earlier this work was done manually on paper. Today Tally is being used everywhere to do this work. This software was invented in 1986 by Shyam Sunder Goenka. He is also called the father of Tally. He used to supply raw materials in the textile mill earlier. At that time there was no software available to keep an account of the book, due to which he had a lot of trouble in his business. He then created MS-DOS software with his son Bharat Goenka. It was later renamed, Tally.

Tally is developed by a company called Tally Solution.

Tally ke Versions

  1. Tally 4.5
  2. Tally 5.4
  3. Tally 6.3
  4. Tally 7.2
  5. Tally 8.1
  6. Tally 9
  7. Tally ERP 9 (Latest version)

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Tally me kya Kr Skte Hai: What can I do in Tally?

  • In Tally, we can do all the work related to accounting like,
  • Preparation of records.
  • Manage or maintain data.
  • Protecting company data.
  • Filling of GST Return.
  • It also prevents wrong data from being recorded.

Tally karne ke Fayde: Benefits of doing Tally

During studies, students keep thinking about which field to make their career, which course they can get a good job, many students are unable to do some good courses due to lack of money, in such a way, a tally course can help you a lot. That is, you can do it in a short time without spending much money from a recognized Computer Institute and can make a good future in this field.

Job opportunities in Tally:

From small business to big business, the company, co-operative office, everyone needs Tally software to manage their accounting work which has increased the usefulness of Tally in every field, hence the Tally course in the field of employment Doing can be a good option for your career, by doing a tally course you can work on the post of accounting employee for any company, bank, cooperative institution.

Tally Kaise Aur Kaha Se Sikhen

Friends, if you also want to make your future in this by doing Tally course, then to learn tally, you can do Tally course in a short time by going to a recognized computer institute, you can also learn it online from home. Youtube is also a good platform for this. Along with doing the course, it is very important for you to practice it because practice is mandatory for mastering any work.


Hope you know by now what is Tally? And what does Tally mean?

This was our small effort to provide you with Tally’s information through this article. Presently, knowing about these useful tools is necessary for all of us, and it is our duty to introduce you to your favorite language in Hindi. If you liked this article, then comment and share your thoughts.




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