The 5 Top Museums in Jammu “You Definality Don’t Know About”

Best Museums in Jammu:-  We are Visit in the Museums  aparts for its Knowledge , Gain about the Civilization knowledge  of the Past And Future. And adds a Glimpse knowledge in the Future.

Jammu is the Knowing State In India And Famous for Temples ,we live in the City where their are Many Historical thing. Jammu And Kashmir Is  Also famous For  Historical Princely State in Past.

So Leave’s extra knowing, This article is only About Best Museums in Jammu. we present  you some Best  Museums in Jammu , Where you pay Some For visit these , Museums in Jammu City.


The 5 Top Museums in Jammu “You Definality Don’t Know About”


1⇒ Dogra Art Museums

Museums in Jammu
Dogra Art-Museum

Dogra Art Museums, Jammu History known As the Dogra art Gallery is a Museums of Dogra Culture Complex Housed in the Pink Hall of the Mubarak Mandi in Jammu.

Dogra Art Museums Is the Best Museums in Jammu , This is Jammu’s Government And Biggest Museum in Jammu Region. The Museum has a Collection Of 7216 objects of Historical and Cultural importance.

Dogra Museums has a collection Of Dogra customs, Jewellery, Arms And Armours , Metal objects, and Artifacts related to Decorative Arts.



Visitors Information

Dogra Art Museum,This Museums is open for 10 O’clock . This Museum remains Closed on Mondays .Minimal entry is required To enter The Dogra Art Museum. Must Visit this Best Museum in Jammu .



2⇒ Amar Mahal Museums

Museums in Jammu
Amar Mahal Museums

Amar Mahal Museums, Jammu’s Best Museums. It was also a Palace ,It was Built in the 19th Century for Raja Amar Singh. The palace is Donated to the Hari Tara Charitable trust By D.R Karan singh For use For a Museums.

Amar Mahal Museums is Situated On the Right Bank of the Tawi River In Jammu By Planned French architect in 1862.The Museums was inaugurated by the Indra Gandhi prime minester of India on 13 April 1975.

Amar Mahal Museums built in Red sandstone with Red Bricks .It was the Tallest Building in Jammu. The top floor is a Bay window. A Golden Sofa of the Dogra rulers, An exclusive chamber in the Museums once the living Quarter of a Maharini. Amar Mahal Museums is Best Museum in Jammu .


Visitors Information

Amar Mahal Museums, This Museum Is Open Sunday To Saturday .Its Opens 10 O’Clock .This Remains closed on sunday. Normal Minimum Entry is required to visit this Museums, So must Visit this Best Museum in Jammu .




3⇒ Natural Wadai Museums

Museums in Jammu
Wadai Museums

Wadai Museums of Natural History ,This Museums is less known Museum And it is Situated In jammu City at the Mini campus University of Jammu Near M.A.M College

Wadai Museums has a large Collection of Rocks And Minerals , And History’s Natural things for visit in the Museums.With its Different unique Museums And Art Gallery.

It Makes by University of jammu By the Govt OF jammu and Kashmir. In the celebration of the Symbiotic celebration  Of state Jammu & Kashmir . It is the Best Museum in Jammu .



Visitors Information

Wadai Museums of Natural History, This Museums opens on University times 10 O’ clocks from Monday to Friday, This Museums closed on Sunday,Their are pay to  little amount to pay this Museums. This is the Best Museum in Jammu .




4⇒ Buddhist Heritage Museums

Museums in Jammu
Buddhist Museums

Buddhist Heritage site at Ambran , Akhnoor, An an ancient History Buddhist monastery History, Buddhist Heritage is Situated on the Banks of river Chenab as a pilgrimage site.

Buddhist Heritage Museums heritage Discovered confirmed by Tibetan spiritual Great leader Dalai Lama after his vesting the site in 2011.

Buddhist Heritage shows lots of small showcasing Historical things , Such as Old coins, Metals, Utensils, and many more some good things.



Visitors Information

Buddhist Heritage Museums site at Ambran , Akhnoor opens from time to time 10 O’clocks to 5’O clocks like normal schedule from Monday to Saturday. Buddhist Heritage is the This is the Best Museum in Jammu .so plz visit their and Grab knowledge.  Related:- Buddhist Heritage of jammu& Kashmir





5 Bagh-E- Bahu Museums

Museums in Jammu
Bagh-E- Bahu Museums

Bagh-E- Bahu Museums; it Is Fished shaped aquarium. Bagh-E- Bahu fort at Over 220 meters in Lenght it has been the largest  underground aquarium in the Country.

Bagh-E- Bahu Museums Located  on the Bank of river near the famous  Bahu fort . In addition to has 400 Different species of fish also has a museums , it has centered gallery for public to visit their.



Visitors Information

Bagh-E- Bahu Museums; its opens in Morning 9 O’s Clock for public visitors . It opens full weak from Monday to sunday. For visiting here you have to pay some price.This is the Museum in Jammu you should must visit here for enjoy and see some new Things,

About From Contributor:-These are the some best 5 Museum in Jammu if you go There for visit , you must grab something new thing some new knowledge as about history or science elated information. personally i suggest you to go there and Grab these  Museum in Jammu.

I Jus hope you liked My information About The Museum in Jammu

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