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Now that Arrow is blowing out, The Flash has raced ahead to take the lead in The CW’s Arrowverse lineup.

That’s a lot of responsibility for one speedster to handle, but with study ratings six seasons in, it’s safe to say that The Flash Season 7 will hit the ground running too.

Grab your running shoes and keep up as we reveal everything you need to know about The Flash Season 7.

The Flash Season 7 Release Date:

Ordinarily, we’d be expecting The Flash Season 7 to arrive in October, as it has, and which is the traditional window of CW DC TV shows to debut their new seasons. But the COVID-19 pandemic means it’s unclear if these shows will be able to resume their productions in the summer as they ordinarily do, so The Flash season 7 premiere will now have to take will in January 2022.

The Flash Season 7 Release Date


As soon as we have a more concrete date, we’ll announce it, but the series will remain in its Tuesday at 8 pm slot, and it will be followed by the new arrival Superman and Lois at 9!. It’s no surprise that the CW would make The Flash Season 7 a reality. With Supernatural about to complete its final season, The Flash becomes not only the network’s longest-running superhero show but also one of the most tenured on the network.

The Flash Season 7 Cast:

Most of the original The Flash cast members are expected to return for the seventh season. However, Hartley Sawyer (who played Elongated man) was let go from the show after past offensive tweets resurfaced that contained racist and homophobic content.

Grant Gustin – Burry Allan/Flash

Candice Patton – Iris West

Danielle Panabaker – Caitlin Snow

Carlos Valdes – Cisco Ramon

Tom Cavanagh – Harrison Wells

Jesse L. Martin – Joe West

Danielle Nicolet – Cecile Horton

Brandon McKnight – Chester P. Runk

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The Flash Season 7 Plot:

The end of season 6 saw Team Flash trying (and failing) to stop Eva and get Iris out of the Mirrorverse, with not much forward movement with either. Eva succeeded in killing her husband and it’s unclear what her other plans for Central City entail. Meanwhile, Iris was working with Kamilla to find Singh and escape.

The Flash Season 7 Release Date

The longer Iris was inside the mirror world, however, the worse her neural dissonance became, and the unintended Season 6 finale ended with her vanishing right before Kamilla’s eyes. The very next episode would have revealed where she would have gone, but now fans will have to wait a lot longer to find out.



The Flash Season 7 Storyline:

However, while fans can expect the same action-packed stories and eccentric villains, the coronavirus pandemic how the storyline of season 7 will be structured.

This is because episodes that had been planned for the end of season 6 will now be incorporated, in some form, into the beginning of season 7, knocking the typical narrative arc slightly off-kilter.



Hartley Sawyer fired from The Flash?

One cast member who will not be returning to The Flash next year is Hartley Sawyer, who had played Ralph Dibny (aka Elongated Man) since season four.

Offensive tweets resurfaced from the actor’s past causing fury among fans on social media, prompting showrunner Eric Wallace to announce he had been fired from the series.



The Flash Season 7 Trailer:

The trailer for season 7 of The Flash debuted during the show’s panel at DC fandom. It utilizes footage originally intended for the end of season 6, as Mirror Master rises to power in Central City while Barry desperately searches for a way to restore his power and save his wife from the MirrorVerse.

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