Upcoming 2021 | Chicken Run 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Storyline, Trailer, And Many More Updates

Upcoming 2021 | Chicken Run 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Storyline, Trailer, And Many More Updates

Chicken Run 2 is happening after two decades of its blockbuster original film’s release. The sequel is said to premiere on Netflix. Read ahead to know more.

Chicken Run 2 is an upcoming stop motion animated film that is produced by Aardman Animations in partnership with StudioCanal and Lionsgate. This film is a sequel to Chicken Run which was released in 2000.

Chicken Run 2 was confirmed back in 2018 but since then we haven’t heard much about its development. However, on 23rd June 2020, which coincided with the 20th anniversary of the film, Netflix announced its partnership with Aardman for the sequel.

Chicken Run 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Storyline, Trailer, And Many More Updates

Chicken Run 2 is an upcoming stop motion animated film produced by Aardman Animations in partnership with studio canal and Lionsgate, The film will be directed by Sam fell, from a screenplay by Karey Kirkpatrick and John O’ Farrell and story by Sam Fell.

Chicken Run 2 Release Date


When Chicken Run Released In 2000, Nobody would have thought that it would go on to become the highest-grossing stop motion animated film in history, The film was produced ad directed by a duo Peter Lord and Nice park. A sequel to the film was announced in April 2018, eighteen years after the first film came out.



Chicken Run 2 Release Date

Chicken Run 2 is coming out in 2022 on TBA, 2022.

If Chicken Run 2 has been in pre-production already, then we could hope to see it in 2022, but it feels like 2023 is a more likely option. That’s pure speculation on our part, though, so we’ll update when a release date is confirmed.

After the sequel was announced in 2018, Netflix, on the twentieth anniversary of the first film, 23 June 2020, announced that they had acquired the rights to the sequel. Aardman Productions will be reuniting with French Studio Pathé and StudioCanal for the Production of the sequel.

 Chicken Run 2 Release Date

With Netflix having acquired the rights to the sequel, principal photography for the film is expected to begin in 2021. The film will release on Netflix globally.


Chicken Run 2 Cast

There’s been no confirmed cast yet for the sequel, but we know from the point (more on that in a bit) that Ginger and Rocky are back.

Neither Aardman nor Netflix has commented on the reports though, so it’s far from confirmed.

The original Chicken Run 2 spotted a largely British cast, with Gibson is an American voice actor that stuck out among them. While the Chicken Run 2 announcement didn’t mention whether any original cast members would be taking part in the sequel, we feel fairly confident in stating that virtually the entire British cast should be a lock to return… A Gibson should not. In fact, it’s already been reported that the role of Rocky will be recast.



Aside from Gibson and Swahala, the cast of Chicken Run also included Miranda Richardson (Rita Skeeter in the Harry Potter series), Imelda Staunton (Downtown Abbey), and Timothy Spall (The King’s Speech). Unfortunately, the roles of Mr. Tweedy and Fowler the rooster will also need to be recast; their respective voice actors, Tony Haygarth and Benjamin Whitrow have both passed away in the years since the first film’s release.

 Chicken Run 2 Plot

That Twitter announcement about Chicken Run 2 may not have given us much in the way of details, but unfortunately, Aardman’s website has a little more information.

In the conclusion, if Chicken Run, Ginger, and Rocky had made their escape and settled on an idyllic island where the entire flock could be freely the danger of becoming meat pies. The synopsis for the sequel reveals that since we saw them last, the pair will have added a new member to the flock: a little chick named Molly.

Chicken Run 2 Release Date


The 2000 film centered around a group of chickens who lived one a forum run by the Tweedy’s. Fearing their impending doom, they tried and failed to escape several times. Finally, after several tries, they managed to escape the farm after building a plane. They flew into their freedom and landed on an island free of humans altogether.

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Chicken Run 2 Storyline/Creators

‘Chicken Run 2′ was produced by the British studio Aardman Animations in partnership with DreamWorks Animation and Pathe. The sequel, Chicken Run 2’ will be produced once again by Aardman Animations, this time in partnership with Netflix.

The film, per Empire magazine, will be directed by Sam Fell. The script will be written by Karey Kirkpatrick, John O’Farrel, Rachel Tunnard, and Nick Park.



Chicken Run 2 Trailer

No trailer for ‘Chicken Run 2’ has been released yet.

Obviously, since Chicken Run 2 won’t even be entering the early stages of Production for another several months there’s no trailer for us to check out at this time and we are not likely to see one for quite some time still you can bet your bottom dollar that we all be keeping our finger on the pulse of Chicken Run 2 ad well be updating this post with all the news fit to report as soon as it becomes available.

Chicken Run 2 will be directed by Sam Fell, who helmed Flushed Away, Aardman’s 2006 Computer – animated effort. He’all be working from a screenplay by Karey Kirkpatrick, John O’ Farrell, And Rachel Tunnard. Nick Park, the Aardman Co-founder who created  Wallace and Gromit, Will also serve as a creative Consultant On the Picture.

Since at last Chicken 2 as not yet any official release Date, so stay tuned with us For Upcoming Updates




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