Upcoming | Crossing Swords Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Storyline, Trailer & More – Innocin

Upcoming | Crossing Swords Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Storyline, Trailer & More – Innocin

Crossing swords comes from John Harvatime TV and Tom Root, who was previously best known for their work on Adult swim’s Robot Chicken. The adult animated series follows the adventures of young quire Patrick as he works under a king no one particularly likes in a kingdom where no one is particularly happy.

The show utilizes a stop slow-motion animation style similar to Robot Chicken. This led to a pretty liberal policy on nudity, blood and all other sorts of medieval may them in the show’s first season.

Crossing Swords Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Storyline, Trailer & More

Patrick the hapless squire of Hulu’s Crossing swords ( voiced by Nicholas Huts of the x- man franchise ), ended season 1 on a high note. He prevented a clear coup against the Goyal family and was deemed a good squire by Sgt.

Let’s just hope can maintain that good luck heading into the season. Without saying any real spoilers, I think you can expect to see Patrick continue to wrestle with the realization that no one is all good or all bad, Green who also voices Blinker quartz the wizard says.


Crossing Swords Season 2 Release Date

Crossing Swords Season 2 Release Date

Never fear, Squire Patrick is here. Well, he will be, to continue protecting the kingdom in crossing swords season 2.

No release date has been set for crossing swords season 2. Although covid 19 has shut down filming for live-action series an animated series as the Simpsons and Bob’s burgers have continued releasing a new episode each week.

Just as well CBS’s Toonig out the news has also found itself to adapt to the quartine restrictions. Crossing Swords season 2 releasing Sometime in 2021. 





Crossing Swords Season 2 Cast

In addition to should, the voice is made up of Luke Evans, Alanna back, Adam Pally Tara strong, Tony Hale, Adam Ray, Seth Green, Breckin Meyer, Yvette, Nikole Brown others. Lorraine 4th Root, Green, Matter Seneich, and Erich  Towner serve as Executive Producers.

Nicholas Hourly – Patrick 10 episode 2020

Jameela Jamil – Sloan 4 Episode 2020

Breaking Meyer- Gleen 4 episode 2020

Rob Corddry – the old king 2020

Ben Schwartz- Keefer 2 episode 2020

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Crossing Swords Season 2 Cast

Patrick, a simple and honorable peasant, who has always dreamed of becoming a proud knight is elated when he is required as a square for the king. But his hope is shattered when reality strikes hard.

He realized that the royal castle is packed with corrupt officials who threaten to destroy everything he holds Clear. Slowly, he finds himself getting alienated from the rest of his peers.


Crossing Swords Season 2 Release Date

However, Patrick decided to lose heart and keep going. He sticks to his dream of ascending to a knight and in his journey, he tackles several moral dilemmas. Slowly he grows more authoritative and confident. In this quest, he also faces dragons, fairies, medusa, monitor, Kraker, and gainst, and slowly the episode reveals a dangerous Plot for an upcoming assassin’s.





Crossing Swords Season 2 Storyline

Crossing swords is the story of Patrick, the youngest of four siblings, much abused by his sisters and brothers, while they all go into unsavory fields – coral became a Pirate,  Ruber a bandit, and blarney an alcoholic clown. Patrick is determined to be the noblest of the knight. But where he starts from the bottom, entering king Merriam’s annual squire tournament, he quickly discovers that the contest is corrupt and that he will only be able to win by cheating.


Crossing Swords Season 2 Cast

Patrick makes it into a squad of squire train’s but he’s got 21-century values in a pre – Renaissance world, constantly immiserated by the moral compromise the job demands. And that’s before a mysterious assassin starts preying on the Royal family Patrick has pledged to serve despite the fact that he doesn’t particularly respect or like them.


Crossing Swords Season 2 Trailer

Here is the first full trailer for crossing swords, Hulu’s new stop- motion adult toon created and written by Robot Chicken EPs John Hravetine 4th and Tom Root. Directed by Harvatine.


Crossing Swords Renewed For Next Season

Hulu has renewed its Stop Motion animated Series Crossing Swords for the next season. Crossing Swords Season 2 got renewed soo after its first season wrapped up on Hulu. The first season consists of ten episodes, which premiered on June 10, However, Hulu doesn’t reveal Crossing Swords Viewership yet.


Crossing Swords season 2 Know More

Crossing swords is notable mostly for the fact that it’s animated intentionally grudges, stop- motion style, with all the characters closely resembling fisher- price, Little people figurines. The characters don’t eve5 have limits, instead of hopping from point to point and not so much. Holding items as levitating them in mid-air.


The art style is actually pretty charming. It’s certainly reminiscent of Robot Chicken, albeit with a much larger sense of scope and ambition. Clearly, Harvatine, Root, and their team have a lot more money to know.

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