URL Kya Hai? Know all the information related to the URL

URL Kya Hai? Know all the information related to the URL

Know how you can easily visit any website with the help of a URL. What is the URL? How does the URL work? Stay tuned to know on this page with us.

Friends, if you want to reach any website, then you must know the URL of that website. The URL is similar to the address of any website. Just like you cannot access anyone’s home without an address, in the same way, no website can be accessed without a URL.

In today’s digital age, you use the URL repeatedly to open any website or to search for anything in it, but hardly you will have full knowledge of the URL.

URL Kya Hai? Know all the information related to the URL

If you want to know what the URL is? (What is URL), then you do not have to go anywhere because whatever information you need about the URL we will provide you here. Read this post till the end.

URL Kya Hai? What is a URL?

The URL, Uniform Resources Locator, is an address to access any website. It is also called Web Address in simple words. A URL is a location of any particular website, page, or file on the Internet.

Let us know what is the full name of the URL and what is the full form of the URL.

URL Ka Full Form? What is the full form of the URL?

The URL has a full form – the “Uniform Resources Locator” URL represents the page of any website or takes you to a web page.

Now that you know what URL Meaning in Hindi and URL means, then let us show you how URL works, Types of URLs, and the History of URLs.

URL Ki Jankari? URL Information.

Stay up to the end of this article to get other information about the URL.

Let us first know who invented the URL? The first URL was defined by Tim Berner Lee in 1914, or we can say that he first discovered the URL.

So, let us now know what are the 3 important parts of a URL:

  • Protocol Identifier
  • Domain Name
  • The Path

Now the question in your mind will be how does the URL work? Friends, every website on the Internet has an IP address, and when we type the URL of a website in our browser, our browser converts that URL into DNS so that we can access the website that we searched for.

Let us know the types of URLs –

  1. Absolute URL: If we want to get a Particular Web Page of a website, then we have to write the Web Address i.e. URL of the web page in the address bar of the Web Browser which we call an Absolute URL.
  2. Relative URL: We use a Relative URL to shorten the Absolute URL. This is always done inside the web page so that the URL length can be reduced.

Now finally we also know what is URL Shortening and Secure URL?

If we want to share the URL of a standard website, then we are very difficult because their URLs are very long. In such a situation, there are many companies that have shortened the URL of the website, which we call URL Shortening. Like t.co, this is Twitter’s Short Link.

A website that starts with https: // such URL is called Secure URL.


In simple words, URL is a medium through which you can visit any website. So, friends, this was URL Information in Hindi By reading this post, you must have understood what the URL is and the history of the URL. If you liked this article, what is our URL, then share it with your friends as well, and if you have any questions for us, then write it in the comment and tell us.

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